Giving Goddess Fundraising Event

Press Release
September 15, 2020

Even a Pandemic didn’t tamp down the enthusiasm felt by the women who generously joined forces to raise money for a deserving Blanco County non-profit. Early last year, Blanco Non-Profit Coalition and its group of energetic women who presented Wild Woman Weekend decided to take a break from the work but not the fundraising. Giving Goddesses was created with the goal of bringing together 10 women willing to each donate $100 to raise a $10,000 grant. The Giving Goddesses award event was
planned around the tradition of “partying with a purpose”. So the planning began to invite 100 women to join the Giving Goddesses Gathering where three vetted non-profits would present their proposal on how they planned to spend the grant. At the event, the group would vote on their favorite non-profit and the winner would walk away with the $10,000 grant.
In these pandemic times the Board ultimately decided it would not be prudent to have a face to face event, but you can’t keep this force down. Current technology (with the right person managing it) offers opportunities for online voting and the Giving Goddesses Gathering event commenced on-line. Women
donned their tiaras, poured their favorite cocktail and, on the evening of September 9, dialed into the Zoom call from the comfort of their own home.
The group enjoyed informative presentations from Texas Heartland Animal Sanctuary
(, Johnson City Library (, and Blanco County Emergency Services Auxiliary ( followed by a short question and answer session from each representative. After the presentations the participants voted for their choice which was then tallied with the online absentee votes previously cast. During the vote count the event held a fun, fast moving and successful auction for a beautiful Consuela bag. The votes were counted and with great fanfare, the
winner was named – Blanco County Emergency Services Auxiliary. They would be awarded the proceeds collected from 80 Giving Goddesses of $8,500. Inspired by the enthusiasm of these ladies and in support of the first attempt to reach $10,000, an anonymous donor contributed an additional $1,500 making the grant total award a whopping $10,000. Blanco County Emergency Services Auxiliary will be awarded the
2020 Giving Goddesses grant of $10,000 to purchase additional personal safety equipment for their staff.
All three nominated organizations provide worthy benefits to the Blanco County community. Check or go to their individual websites to find out more details about what each group had planned for this year’s project. You may even be inspired to donate to their cause on your own.
Get ready, next year’s planning will soon begin. It is so simple to be a Giving Goddess. Write a check for $100 – that’s it. Your $100 will be added to 99 other women’s contributions and next year a $10,000 grant can be awarded to another worthy cause.
Submitted by
Terri Seiler