Covid-19 Testing on 5/2/2020

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MOBILE TEST COLLECTION will be held Saturday, May 2, 2020 starting at 8:00 am at LBJ High School, 505 N. Nugent Ave, Johnson City. You must register: or call 512-883-2400. Tests are conducted by appointment only. You must be symptomatic and will be screened to see if you have: Fever and/or Chills; Cough; Fatigue; Body Aches/Muscle or Joint Pain; Shortness of Breath; Sore Throat; Headaches; Nausea/Vomiting/Diarrhea; Nasal Congestion; Loss of Taste and/or Smell.

Pruebas para detector el COVID-19, Sabado, 2 de Mayo de 2020 abre a las 8:00 am, LBJ High School, 505 N. Nugent Ave, Johnson City. Para concertar un cita:; 512-883-2400. Se requieren un cita para la prueba. Debe tener uno o mas sintomas para hacerse la prueba – Fiebre o escalofrios; Tos; Fatiga; Dolores de cuerpo; Dificultad para respirar; Dolor de garganta; Jaqueca; Nausea, vonito o diarrhea; Congestion nasal.

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